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Year 5-6 Cross Country

Posted by beehivecedar on 17/11/2016


Gold Kitemark (not year-specific) Cross CountryThis afternoon, our cross country runners from Years 5 & 6 (and their parents!) braved strong winds and a torrential downpour of rain and hail to compete in the latest event, at Melbourne Park. Following a bright morning around town, we were not helped when the skies opened just a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Fortunately, we were soon able to take shelter in the athletics centre, with children coming out only for their races. Luckily by then, the rain had stopped but many of the children were wet and cold through so were grateful to return to the dryness and warmth inside after their race. Poor Mr Gardiner though spent all afternoon outside in the cold and damp overseeing each race and collating each runner’s finishing position, but all with a smile on his face!

Despite the difficult conditions, 7 of our runners (William, Curtis, Charlie, Faith, Emma, Reece and Jake, who come 11th – our highest individual finish of the day) still managed to achieve personal best scores. Fantastic! Given that some children from other schools left because of the rain, all our runners deserve a lot of credit for sticking it out and getting round the course.

A big thank you to all parents who brought children and stayed through the rain to support, especially Mrs Howard and Mrs Cutts who helped to shepherd in and out of the athletics centre in time for their races. I hope you have dried out by now!


Year 5 girls: 6th

Year 5 boys: 7th

Year 6 girls: 4th

Year 6 boys: 7th


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Year 3-4 Cross Country II

Posted by beehivecedar on 10/11/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific) Cross CountryThis afternoon, our Year 3 and 4 runners made the short journey to Chelmer Park for their second cross country event of the year. Brief threats of rain and hail did little to dampen spirits as everybody took to the start line full of enthusiasm. Again, a number of children recorded personal best scores, despite increasingly slippery conditions underfoot, notably Mana achieving a 17th place finish in the Year 3 girls race. There were other notable performances from Meryem (8th), Daisy J (19th), Julia (23rd) and a number of other runners in the top 50 of their race. Full details and final time scores to come in the next few days.



UPDATE: Results are now in.

Year 3 girls: 2nd

Year 3 boys: 9th

Year 4 girls: 2nd

Year 4 boys: 6th

Personal best scores: Julia B, Isabella B, Daisy F, Franchesca H, Mana SS, Joshua A, David F, Charlie C


DSCF4740 DSCF4742 DSCF4744 DSCF4746

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Netball matches

Posted by beehivecedar on 04/11/2016

Netball Gold Kitemark (not year-specific)Yesterday, our netball teams from Year 4 and Year 6 took to the court to play against teams from St Michael’s Junior School. Both teams acquitted themselves as well as they could in the face of stiff opposition but unfortunately succumbed to defeat. Our Year 6 team featured a large number of mild-mannered children of a gentle nature. For some of them this was a first experience of the ruthless nature of competitive sport, where they were slightly outmuscled by strong opposition, eventually going down by a score of 7-0. Our Year 4 team were faced with older opposition, in the face of a mixed Year 5/6 team. Despite this, they put in a highly competitive performance, refusing to be overawed by older and taller opponents. At the final whistle, they trailed only by 7-5, a highly respectable performance. Can you imagine the score in their favour had they played against other Year 4s?

Unbowed by defeat, we are keen to play again, hopefully sometime in the new year. Mr Gardiner is on the lookout for potential opposition, so Chelmsford beware!


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Teddy Lympics

Posted by beehivecedar on 02/11/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific)Teddy bearYesterday, an intrepid team of Year 1 children travelled to Melbourne Athletics Centre for the Year 1 Teddy Lympics. Activities included running, bouncing, throwing for accuracy, throwing for distance and catching. In between activities, the children also had the chance to decorate their own teddy bear faces. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon and represented themselves and the school really well. A special well done to Ruby who won a ‘Super Ted’ certificate for an amazing 36 bounces in 20 seconds!


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Year 5 & 6 football

Posted by beehivecedar on 19/10/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific)Football.pngThis evening, teams of Year 5 and 6 footballers travelled to St Michael’s Junior School for friendly matches.

With most of the team from the recent competition, our Year 6 dominated the ball in their match, creating a number of chances to score. A cross from Alfie in the first half led to an own goal, which gave us a first half lead. A number of chances followed in the second half and our lead was doubled just before full time when Alfie smashed a powerful shot into the roof of the net. We could have won by more, but in the end a 2-0 success was the least we deserved for a good performance.

As soon as Year 6 finished their celebrations, Year 5 took to the pitch for their game. A solid start saw us defending admirably, with one or two promising attacking positions of our own, although unfortunately these didn’t lead to a goal. St Michael’s began to dominate the ball in this game and were soon 3-0 ahead by half time. A resilient second-half performance and some excellent saves by Samuel meant the game finished with the same score, although we did have a couple of chances late on to snatch a consolation goal. For a number of players in the team this was their first experience of a match, but they seem keen for more games in the future.

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Beehive Golf

Posted by beehivecedar on 15/10/2016

GolfGold Kitemark (not year-specific)Following the recent Ryder Cup, last week saw the first ever lunchtime Beehive Golf competition, where children competed across a 6-hole course around part of the school field. The final leaderboard read like this:

Gold – Matthew (18 shots)

Silver – Daniel (22 shots)

Bronze – Leo (23 shots)

A big thank you to the children from Year 5 who scored the event.


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Yr 5-6 Tag Rugby match

Posted by beehivecedar on 12/10/2016

tag-rugbyGold Kitemark (not year-specific)On Tuesday evening, we hosted St Michael’s rugby team for a friendly match. Having only had a couple of club sessions prior to the game, the boys all played very well, showing good handling and passing skills, often managing to retain possession of the ball for long periods of time. The tackling was also ferocious at times, with a determination to keep the opposition out as long as possible. When the final whistle blew, we were narrowly defeated, 18-12, but all the boys had enjoyed the game and seem keen for another game in the future.


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Yr 5-6 Football

Posted by beehivecedar on 12/10/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific) Football.pngOn Monday evening, our Year 5/6 boys’ football team took to the pitch at Baddow High School to take part in the Chelmsford School Sports Partnership football competition. The boys worked well as a team, showing good commitment to keep going at all times. They braved a sudden downpour halfway through the games to emerge with a record of 2 victories and 3 defeats. Well done boys.

Thanks to Mrs Caleno for accompanying the team and to all parents who came along to support.


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Yr 3-4 Cross Country

Posted by beehivecedar on 09/10/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific)Cross CountryOn Thursday, our Year 3 and 4 cross country runners made their seasonal debut at the Melbourne Park leg of the Cross Country league. A large number of children finished in the top 30-40 of their race, which is a tremendous achievement. Many of them have already asked about when the next event is! Special congratulations to Meryem who finished 4th – the best ever Beehive finishing position.


The final results are now in: Year 3 girls finished 4th, Year 3 boys finished 5th, Year 4 boys finished 3rd, Year 4 girls finished in 1st place! What a fantastic set of results!




DSCF4704 DSCF4706 DSCF4708 DSCF4710

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Beehive Cross Country

Posted by beehivecedar on 01/10/2016

Gold Kitemark (not year-specific)Cross CountryYesterday saw every child in the school, from Reception to Year 6, take part in our inter-house cross country competition. With distances ranging from about 300m to 1400m, each year group was put through their paces, needing stamina and determination in abundance to finish. This event will certainly help identify runners for future inter-school cross country events during the year. When all the scores were collected, Woodpeckers emerged as the narrow winners, just ahead of the Robins. Goldfinches finished 3rd, with Kingfishers in 4th place.

DSC00773 DSC00776 DSC00780 DSCF4669 DSCF4671 DSCF4676 DSCF4679 DSCF4680 DSCF4684 DSCF4701 DSCF4703

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